Aim of this guide

The table below contains the most common Indian Army abbreviations from the first half of the twentieth century. The list has been standardised by capitalising each abbreviation, though a mixture of upper and lower case lettering will usually be found.

Interpret with care

Context is everything when it comes to military abbreviations and care should be taken. A ‘MC’ after the name of an officer denotes that they have been awarded a military cross. However, if it is found on the rim of a medal to DVR. ALLAH BUX 33 M.C., it reveals that the medal was awarded to a driver in the 33rd Mule Corps

Abbreviations and Acronyms

A. / A. Acting/ Assistant
AA Anti-Aircraft or Army Act
AA & QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General
A.B.C. / A.B.CPS. Army Bearer Corps
AB Army Book
A.B.RY.BN. Assam Bengal Railway Battalion
A.B.RY.V.RIF. Assam-Bengal Railway Volunteers Rifles
AC Armoured Car
ACC Army Cyclist Corps
ACI Army Council Instruction
AD Artillery Depot
ADC Aide de Camp
ADEN TRP Aden Troop
ADEN BDE.S.S. Aden Brigade Signal Section
ADL Assistant Director of Labour
A.F.I. Auxiliary Force India
AGRA V.RIF Agra Volunteer Rifles
A.HAV Acting Havildar
A.H.C. Army Hospital Corps
A.L.D. Acting Lance Daffadar
A.L-NK Acting Lance Naik
ALWAR I.S. INFY Alwar Imperial Service Infantry
AMMN. COLUMN Ammunition Column
A.M.P. Assam Military Police
AMS Assistant Military Secretary
AO Army Order
AOC Army Ordnance Corps
AOD Army Ordnance Department
AP Armour Piercing
APO Army Post Office
A.NAICK / A NAIK Acting Naik
ARMR Armourer
ASD Army Schools Department
A & SM Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
ASSAM RIF. Assam Rifles
ASSAM. V.L.H. Assam Valley Light Horse
ASSTT / ASST Assistant
ASS.V.LH. Assam Valley Light Horse
AT Army Troop
A.T.COY Animal Transport Company
ATTD Attached
AUXY Auxiliary
AVC Army Veterinary Corps
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column
BAH.C.T.CPS Bahawalpur Camel Transport Corps
BAHAWALPUR I.S.C. CORPS Bahawalpur Imperial Service Corps
BAL. INFY / BALUCH. INF. / BALUCH Baluchistan Infantry
BALN. LEVIES Baluchistan Levies
BALN. V.RIF Baluchistan Volunteer Rifles
BANG.R.VOL Bangalore Rifle Volunteers
BASRAH SURVEYS Basrah (Basra) Surveys Department
BATY Battery
B.B. & C.I.RY.V.RIF Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Volunteer Rifles
BC Battery Commander or Base Commandant
B.C.C. Bikaner Camel Corps
BHAMO BN B.M.P. Bhamo Battalion Burma Military Police
BHAVN. I.S. LRS Bhavnagar Imperial Service Lancers
BHDY Bhandary
BHISTY/ BHISTI - Water Carrier
BHOPAL I.S. LRS Bhopal Imperial Service Lancers
BIHAR. L.H. Bihar Light Horse
BL Breech Loading
B.L.H. Bihar Light Horse
BLR-MKR / B.MKR Boiler Maker
BM Brigade Major
B.MLDR Brick Moulder
B.M.P. Burma Military Police
B.M.R. Burma Mounted Rifles
BN Battalion
BN.CPS.GUIDES Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides
B.N.RLWY.BN. Bengal-Nagpur Railway Battalion
B. & N.W.RY.CORPS Bengal and North-Western Railway Volunteer Rifles
BO.L.H. Bombay Light Horse
BOMBAY ARTY. I.D.F. Bombay Artillery Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY BN. I.D.F. Bombay Battalion Indian Defence Force
BOMBAY L.H. Bombay Light Horse
BOMBAY.VOL.RIF Bombay Volunteer Rifles
BO.V.ART Bombay Volunteer Artillery
BOV.V.RIF Bombay Volunteer Rifles
BOR British Other Rank
B. RLWY. VOL CORPS Burma Railway Volunteer Corps
BR Bearer
BRCS British Red Cross Society
BSM Battery Sergeant Major
B-SMITH Blacksmith
BUGLE-MAJ Bugle Major
BUGLR Bugler
BURMA RIF Burma Rifles
BURM.RY.V.CORPS Burma Railways Volunteer Corps
BRBR Barber
BT.MAN Boatman
BURMA.M.RIF Burma Mounted Rifles
BURMA.RIF Burma Rifles
BWIR British West Indies Regiment
C.SMITH Carriage Smith
C. OF GUIDES Corps of Guides
C. OF GUIDES INF Corps of Guides Infantry
CALCUTTA.VOL.A. Calcutta volunteer Artillery
CAL.L.H. Calcutta Light Horse
CAL.P.D.V.CORPS Calcutta Port Defence Volunteer Corps
CAL.SCO.VOL Calcutta Scottish Volunteers
CAL.V.RIF Calcutta Volunteer Rifles
CAPT Captain
CAV Cavalry
CAVALRY F.F. Cavalry Frontier Force
CARP / CRPTR Carpenter
CAWNPORE. V.RIF Cawnpore Volunteer Rifles
CB Confined to Barracks, or Counter Battery or Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath
CBE Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
CC Confined to Camp
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
C-D / C-DVR Camel Driver
C.D.C.P. Camel Department Central Province
C DFDR MJR Colour Daffadar Major
CE Chief Engineer
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force
C.H. BN. BMP. Chin Hills Battalion Burma Military Police
C.HAVR. / C.HVLDR Colour Havildar
C.H.MAJ Colour Havildar Major
CHOTA.NAG.L.H. Chota Nagpur Light Horse
C.I. HORSE Central Indian Horse
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
C.I.E. Companion, Order of the Indian Empire
C.INFY Carnatic Infantry
CIV.SAR Civilian Sarwan
CLC Chinese Labour Corps
C.L.H. Calcutta Light Horse
C.L.I. Ceylon Light Infantry
CLK Clerk
CLNR Cleaner
CO Commanding Officer or Conscientious Objector
Col Colonel
COMMDT Commandant
COMP Compounder
CONDR Conductor
CONTR Contractor
COORG. & MYS. RIF Coorg and Mysore Rifles
COSSPR ART.VOL Cossipore Artillery Volunteers
COY Company
COY. A.B.C. Company Army Bearer Corps
CPS Corps
CR-HAVR Colour Havildar
CSI Companion of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of India
CSM Company Sergeant Major
C.SMITH Carriage Smith
CT Communication Trench
C.T.COY Camel Transport Company
D of A Director of Artillery
DAA Directory of Army Accounts
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column
DAD Deputy Assistant Director
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
DADS Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies
DAP Divisional Ammunition Park
D.C.O. LANCERS Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers
DCLI Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
DCM Distinguished Conduct Meal
DELHI R Delhi Regiment
DEOLI R Deoli Regiment
DEPT Department
DERAJAT M.B. Derajat Mountain Battery
DFDR Daffadar
DG Dragoon Guards
DHOBI Laundryman
DIL Dangerously Ill List
D.I.V. Divisional
DIV. SIG. COY Divisional Signal Company
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DLR Director of Light Infantry
D.M. Daffadar Major
DMC Desert Mounted Corps
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
DMO Director of Military Operations
DMR Drummer
DQMG Deputy Quartermaster General
DR Director of Remounts or Driver or Despatch Rider
DVR Driver
DRSR Dresser
DRUM MAJ Drum Major
DVR. HAV Driver Havildar
DW Director of Works
E.A.RYS. East African Railways
E.B.S.R.V.R. Eastern Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles
E.COAST.V.RIF East Coast Volunteer Rifles
E.DVR / ENG.DVR Engine Driver
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EFC Expeditionary Force Canteen
E.I.RY.V.RIF East Indian Railway Volunteer Rifles
ELC Egyptian Labour Corps
EMO Embarkation Medical Officer
FANY First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FARR Farrier
FARR-MAJ Farrier Major
FAU Freinds Ambulance Unit
F.C. Foot Constable
F.C. Frontier Constabulary
FD / FLD Field
FD.CO.S. & M. Field Company Sappers & Miners
F.F. Frontier Force
F.F.RIF Frontier Force Rifles
F.G.A. Frontier Garrison Artillery
FGCM Field General Court Martial
FLLR Follower
F-MAN Foreman
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FPO Field Post Office
FR. CONSTAB Frontier Constabulary
FSR Field Service Regulations
FTR Fitter
G.G.BG Governor General's Bodyguard
G.I.P.RY.V.R.CORPS Great Indian Peninsula Railway Volunteer Rifle Corps
G-MAN Gangman (works on the railway track)
GBD General Bade Depot
GCM General Court Martial
GD Guard
G.I.P. RLWY. BN Greater Indian Peninsula Railways Battalion
GNR Gunner
GR Gunner
GRANTEE.C.CPS Grantee Camel Corps
GRC Graves Registration Commission
GR.HAV Gunner Havildar
GR / GRKS.RF Gurkha Rifles
GRNDSR Grenadiers
GS General Service or General Staff
G.S.M. General Service Medal
GSW Gunshot Wound
GUIDES CAVY Guides Cavalry
GUIDES INFY Guides Infantry
GURWALS. /GRWLS. RFLS Garhwal Rifles
GWALIOR I.S. LRS Gwalior Imperial Service Lancers
H/ HON Honorary Rank
HA Heavy Artillery
HAC Honourable Artillery Company
HAG Heavy Artillery Group
HAR Heavy Artillery Reserve
HARIANA LNC Hariana Lancers
HAV / HAVR Havildar
HAV-MAJ Havildar Major
H.C. Head Constable or Head Censor
HD. CLERK Head Clerk
HDMN Headman
HE High Explosive
HF Home Forces
HS Home Service
H.S.K. Head Storekeeper
H.K.S.R.G.A. Hong Kong & Singapore Royal Garrison Artillery
HOLKAR'S MTD. ESCT. Holkar's Mounted Escort
HON.LT Honourary Lieutenant
HT Horse Transport
H.TRANSLATOR Head Translator
HV High Velocity
H-WRITER Head Writer
HYD.VOL.RIF Hyderabad Volunteer Rifles
I.A. Indian Army
I.A.C.C. Indian Army Corps of Clerks
I.A.F. Indian Air Force
I.A.O. Indian Army Order
I.A.O.C. Indian Army Ordnance Corps
I.A.S.C. Indian Army Service Corps
I.A.R.O. Indian Army Reserve of Officers
I.A.V.C. Indian Army Veterinary Corps
IB Infantry Brigade
IBD Infantry Base Depot
I.C.A / I.C.ARTY / IN. COAST. ARTY Indian Coastal Artillery
I.C.ARTY.ADEN Indian Coastal Artillery Aden
I.D.A.C. Indian Divisional Artillery Column
I.D.F / INDIAN D.F. Indian Defence Force
IDSM Indian Distinguished Service Medal
IE Illegal Enlistment
I.ECC.EST Indian Ecclesiastical Establishment
I.E.M.E. Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
I.G.A. Indian Garrison Artillery
I.G.S. Medal Indian General Service Medal
I. LABOUR C. Indian Labour Corps
I.M.D. Indian Medical Department
I.M.A. Indian Mountain Artillery
I.M.L. Indian Miscellaneous List
I.M.RY Indian Military Railway
I.M.S. Indian Medial Service
I.M.T. Indian Mechanical Transport
IND.TELGH.DEPT Indian Telegraph Department
IND. SURVEY Indian Surveys
INFY Infantry
INTER / INTPR / INTR Interpreter
I.O. / IO Indian Officer or Intelligence Officer
I.O.D. Indian Ordnance Department
IOM Indian Order of Merit
IOR Indian Other Rank
I.P.S. Indian Postal Service
I. REMT. D. Indian Remount Department
IRGN.DTE Irrigation Department
IS Imperial Service
I.S.C. Indian Signal Corps
I.S.CPS Imperial Service Corps
I.S.C. CPS Imperial Service Camel Cps
I.S.I. Imperial Service Infantry
I. SIG. S. Indian Signal Service
I.S.M.D. Indian Subordinate Medical Department
I.S.T. Imperial Service Troops
I.U.L. Indian Unattached List
I.V.C. Indian Veterinary Corps
I.W.T. Inland Water Transport
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAIPUR S.T.C / JAIPUR I.S.T. Jaipur Supply and Transport Corps
JAT LT. INF Jat Light Infantry
JIND I.S. INFY Jind Imperial Service Infantry
JODPHUR I.S. LRS Jodhpur Imperial service Infantry
KAR.ART.VIL Karachi Artillery Volunteers
KBS Kite Balloon Section
KHIT Khitmatgar
KHLS. / KHAL Khallasi Deck hand
K.G.F.BN Kolar Gold Fields Battalion
K-MATE Khalasi's Mate
KAPUR INFY Kapurthala Infantry
KAPURTHALA JAGATJIT INF Kapurthala Jagatjit Infantry
KASHMIR MTN. BTY Kashmir Mountain Battery
KASHMIR RFLS./ KSMR. S. RFLS Kashmir Rifles K.B. Kali Bahadur
K.C.C. Khaipur Camel Corps
K.D / K-DFDR Kot Dafadar
K.G.F. BN Kolar Gold Fields Battalion
KHAL Khalasi
KHASDR Khassadar Tribal Policeman
KOHAT M.B. Kohat Mountain Battery
KOLAR G.F.R.VOL Kolar Gold Fields Volunteers
KOSB King's Own Scottish Borderers
KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KR King's Regulations
KRRC King's Royal Rifle Corps
KURRAM MIL Kurram Militia
LAB Light Armoured Battery
LABR Labourer
LANCERS F.H. Lancers Fane's Horsear
LAS Lascar
L.C. Labour Corps
LCP Light Car Patrol
LCRS/ LRS Lancers
LCRS.F.H. Lancers Fane's Horse
L-DFDR/ LD / L-DUF Lance Daffadar
L.I./ LIGHT INF Light Infantry
LF Lancashire Fusiliers
LG Lewis Gun
L-HAV Lance Havildar
LNMN Lineman
L/NAIK / L.NK Lance Naik
LOCAL TR. CPS Local Transport Corps
LR Local Reserve
LRS Lancers
LT Lieutenant
LT.CAV / L.T. CAV. LIGHT. CAV Light Cavalry
L.T.CPS Light Transport Corps
LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
LUCK.V.RIF Lucknow Volunteer Rifles
LUMSDEN'S H Lumsden's Horse
MAC Motor Ambulance Convoy
MAD.ART.VOL Madras Artillery Volunteers
MAD.V.GDS Madras Volunteer Guards
MAJ Major
MALABAR V.RIF Malabar Volunteer Rifles
MALAY S. GDS.ART Malay States Guides Artillery
MALAY S.GDS Malay States Guides MALER KOTLA I-S.SPRS Malerkotla Imperial Service Sappers
MASN Mason
M.B. Mountain Battery or Medical Board
M.B.R.G.A. Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery
MC Military Cross or Mule Corps
M.D. Mahendra Dhal Regiment
MECH. TPT Mechanical Transport
MiD Mentioned in Despatches
MILY.D.FARMS Military Dairy Farms
M.FARMS D. Military Farms Department
MESO.R / MESO. RYS. / MESPOT.RLYS Mesopotamian Railways
M.F.D. Military Farms Department
M.FARMS D. Military Farms Department
MFP Military Foot Police
MG Machine Gun
M.G.C. Machine Gun Corps
ML. CPS Mekran Levy Corps
M.L. CPS Mekran Levy Corps
MLDR Moulder
MLVI Maulvi Teacher
MO Medical Officer
MOCHI Shoemaker / leatherworker
MOULN.V.ART Moulmein Volunteer Artillery
MOULMEIN V.RIF Moulmein Volunteer Rifles
MS Military Secretary
MSM Meritorious Service Medal
M.&S.M.RY.RIF Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Rifles
MT Motor Transport or Mechanical Transport
M.T.C. Motor Transport Corps
MTCD Mechanical Transport Corps Depot
MTD RFLS Mounted Rifles
MTHS Mahrattas
MTN Mountain
MTN.BTY/MTN. BATTERY Mountain Battery
MTYNA. BN. B.M.P. Myitkyina Battalion Burma Military Police
MUNSHI Secretary
MUSI Musician
MUSS.V.RIF Mussoorie
M.W.S. Miltary Works Service
NABHA I.S. INFY Nabha Imperial Service Infantry
NAG.V.RIF Nagpur Volunteer Rifles
N.BENGAL.M.RIF Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles
NCC Non-Combatant Corps
NCO Non-commissioned officer
NF Northumberland Fusiliers
NILGIRI.V.RIF Nilgiri Volunteer Rifles
NIL. MAL. BN. A.F.I. Nighai & Malabar Auxiliary Force India
NIL.VOL.RFLS Nilghai Volunteer Rifles
NK. NAIK An Indian Army rank equivalent to a Corporal in the British Army
N.RFLS Napiers's Rifles
N. SHAN. STATES BATT Northern Shan States Battalion
N-TAL.V.RIF Naini Tal Volunteers
N.W.F. North-West Frontier
N.W. MILITIA/ N.WAZ.MILITIA North Waziristan Militia
N.W.RY.V.RIF North Western Railway Volunteer Rifles
NYD Not Yet Diagnosed
M.W.S. Indian Military Works Services
MYIT.BN.B.M.P. Myit Battalion Burma Military Police
OB Operations Branch
OBI The Order of British India
OC Officer Commanding or Officer Cadet
OP Observation Post
OR Other Rank
O.& R.RY.V.RIF Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway Volunteer Rifles
OS Ordnance Services
OTC Officer Training Corps
OVSR Overseer
PB Permanent Base
PB-FLR Public Follower
P. BTY. F.F. Pack Battery Frontier Force
P. CPS Pony Corps
PACK ARTY Pack Artillery
PALAM. L.I. Palamcottah Light Infantry
PATIALA I.S.INFY/ PATIALA INFY Patiala Imperial Service Infantry
PATIALA I.S. LNCRS./ Pat. Raj. Lcrs Patiala Imperial Servie Lancers
P.B. Pack Battery
P.C. Police Constable
P.CPS/ PONY CPS Pony Corps
PEON A labourer
PESHAWAR M.B. Peshawar Mountain Battery
P.F.F. Punjab Frontier Force
P.G. Pushpati Guards or Purano Gorkha Regiment
PJBIS / PJBS Punjabis
PLH Punjab Light Horse
PM Provost Marshal
P-MKR Pallet Maker
PNRS Pioneers
POL. DEPT Political Department
POONA.V.RIF Poona Volunteer Rifles
POSTEL DEPT Postal Department
POW Prisoner of War
P.P. Punjab Police or Pasipati Prasad Regiment
PRES.VOL.RIF Presidency Volunteer Rifles
P.S.HAV Pack Store Havildar
PTE Private
PTE-FOLLR Private Follower
PTE. SVT Private Servant
PTR.CPS Porter Corps
PU Permanently Unfit
PUNJ.L.H. Punjab Light Horse
PUNJ.V.RIF Punjab Volunteer Rifles
PUO Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
QF Quick Firing
Q.M.HAV Quartermaster Havildar
QMG Quartermaster General
QMS Quartermaster Sergeant
QS Qualified for Staff
R.A. Royal Artillery
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RANGN V.RIF Rangoon Volunteer Rifles
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RB Rifle Brigade
RCE Royal Canadian Engineers
RCO Railway Control Officer
RDC Royal Defence Corps
RDF Royal Dublin Fusiliers
RE Royal Engineers
RES.BN.B.M.P. Reserve Battalion Burma Military Police
RESVT Reservist
RESSDLR Ressaldar
R&F Rank and Files
R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RFLS Rifles
RFMN Rifleman
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
R.G.R. Royal Garhwal Rifles
RH Railhead
R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery
R.I.M. Royal Indian Marine
R.I.S. Lancers Rampur Imperial Service Lancers
RLY Railway
RM Rifleman or Riding Master or Royal Marines
RMC Royal Military College Sandhurst
RMF Royal Munster Fusiliers
RMLC Royal Maine Labour Corps
RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
RMT.DEPT Remount Department
RND Royal Naval Division
RO Recruiting Officer
RS Royal Scots
R.SIKHS Rattray's Sikhs
RTC Reserve Training Centre
RTU Returned to Unit
RVTR Riveter
RWF Royal Welsh Fusiliers,
RY.BN.S&M Railway Battalion Sappers and Miners
SAA Small Arms Ammunition
S.A.S. Sub Assistant Surgeon
SAR/ SARWAN Sarwan Camel Driver
SBR Small Box Respirator
SC Staff Captain
S.C.CPS Sillader Camel Corps
SDLR Saddler
SEP Sepoy
SF State Forces
SGN Surgeon
SHERE Shere Regiment
S.I. Sub Inspector
SIALKOT CAV. BDE Sialkot Cavalry Brigade
SIGMN Signalman
SIMLA.V.RIF Simla Volunteer Rifles
SIND V.RIF Sind Volunteer Rifles
SIRMOOR SPRS Sirmoor Sappers
S.I.RY.V.RIF South Indian Railway Volunteer Rifles.
SIS. LEVY CPS Sistan Levy Corps
SIW Self-Inflicted Wound
S-KHAL Senior Khalasi
S & M Sappers and Miners
SMO Senior Medical Officer
S.PROV.M.RIF Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SO.PRO.MTD.RIF Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
SP Strongpoint
SPL.RES.TRPT Special Reserve Transport
SPR Sapper
SPR-DVR Sapper Driver
SR Special Reserve
S.S.D. Shamsher Dal Paltan Regiment
S-SMITH Shoeing Smith
S&T.CORPS / S & T C Supply and Transport Corps
ST.MICH.S.C.CORPS St. Michael's School Cadet Corps
STVDR Stevedore
SUB / SUBDR Subedar
SUB. CONDR Sub Conductor
SUB.MAJ Subedar Major
SUB-OVSR Sub-Overseer
SURMA VALLEY L.H. Surma Valley Light Horse
SURMA. V.L.H. Surma Valley Light Horse
S. And. V.RIF South Andaman Volunteer Rifles
S.WAZ.MIL / S. WAZ. MILITIA South Waziristan Militia
S.WAZ.SCTS South Waziristan Scouts.
SWPR Sweeper
SWR / SW Sowar
SYCE A groom
TB Temporary Base
TC Tank Corps
TEL.DEPT Telegraph Department
TF Territorial Force
TM Trench Mortar
TNDL / TINDAL Tindal (Foreman)
T.NK. Temporary Naik
TO Transport Officer
TRANS Translator
TRPTR Trumpeter
TR Training Reserve
TRB Training Reserve Brigade
TROOP DAF Troop Daffadar
U.BUR.V.RIF Upper Burma Volunteer Rifles
UOTC University Officers Training Corps
U.P.HORSE (N.REGT.) United Provinces Horse (Northern Regiment)
U.P.HORSE (S.REGT.) United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment)
V Veterinary
V.A. Veterinary Assistant
V.A.BTTY Volunteer Artillery Battery
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment
VC Victoria Cross
VCO Viceroy's Commissioned Officer
VD Venereal Disease
VETY-ASST / V-ASSTT Veterinary Assistant
VO Veterinary Officer
V.R.G.B. Viceroys' Bodyguard
VTV Volunteer Training Corps
W-SVT Ward Servant
WALLAJ L.I. Wallajahbad Light Infantry
W-CARR Water Carrier
WE War Establishment
W-MAN Weighman
WG-MAN Weighman
W.O. Ward Orderly or War Office
WORKS DTE Works Directorate
YERCAUD R.VOL Yercaud Rifle Volunteers
Y&L York and Lancaster Regiment
YOC Young Officers Company
YS Young Soldier
ZHOB.LEVY CPS Zhob Levy Corps
ZL. POLICE Zhob Levy Police
Z.M. Zhob Militia
ZMC Zion Mule Corps

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