Locally, nationally and internationally, the ‘Empire, Faith & War’ • EFW project has attracted the attention of the world’s press and placed the story of the Sikhs experience in the Great War centre stage.

Main Highlights

The Times • 5 July 2014

Men of the sunlit land who found themselves in a hostile world

Melissa van der Klugt’s extensive review of the EFW exhibition explores the importance of the role of Sikhs and the Indian Army, including moving personal reflections of Sikh soldiers as quoted in the show.

The Evening Standard • 22 October 2013

Sikh soldiers’ Great War effort told at last

London’s premier daily covers the announcement of the EFW project.

Eastern Eye • 18 July 2014

‘Teach Sikh role in world war’

Reena Kumar covers the EFW exhibition launch event including the keynote speech by Sajid Javid MP, Culture Secretary, who urged for more teaching of the history of the Sikh and Indian role in the war.

Times of India • 12 October 2014

British Parliament pays glowing tributes to Sikhs and Indian Army for WWI role

A detailed review of the EFW parliamentary reception held on the day after Remembrance Sunday in which Manimugdha Sharma describes how senior figures from government, parliament and the military, a Sikh reenactment troop, and a moving musical performance were brought together to create a unique, multifaceted event:.

Eastern Eye • 8 August 2014

‘Soldiers in the British army had a life expectancy of six weeks’ - untold stories of Sikh soldiers as part of the Empire’s First World War effort

Using material from the EFW exhibition, Reena Kumar’s double-page article offers some arresting statistics and narrative about the role of undivided India, and Punjab in particular.

Newham Recorder • 10 September 2014

A missing piece of First World War history

Kay Atwal devotes a page of this East London newspaper to spotlight the EFW exhibition, calling out to would-be Citizen Historians to learn more of the invaluable role the Indian Army in WW1.

Oxford Mail • 19 May 2015

Hero’s act of bravery is retold in dramatic style at his old school

Callum Keown reports on our special visit to Dragon School, the alma mater of Lieutenant John Smyth of the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in a suicide mission with his ten Sikh ‘supermen’ • as they were dubbed at the time. The school event was held on the centenary of the men’s act of bravery and included an apt outing for the National Army Museum’s 15th Sikh regiment reenactment troop.

Times of India • 23 March 2015

Running for pride

In India’s most widely read English-language newspaper, Kamini Mehta covers the story of Angad Singh’s attempt to run the Brighton Marathon in full WW1 Indian Army uniform.

Brighton Argus • 13 March 2015

Volunteer will run Brighton Marathon in regimental uniform to commemorate Sikh soldiers

Emma Yeomans flags up marathon man Angad Singh’s epic plan to commemorate the Sikhs of WW1 by running the Brighton Marathon in full uniform.

Daily Sikh Updates • 16 April 2016

UK PM Gives Award to Sikh Historians for Preservation of Sikh Heritage

One of the largest Sikh-centric news sites covers the award by the Prime Minister David Cameron to UKPHA founders, Amandeep Madra and Parmjit Singh, for their efforts in fostering interest in Sikh and Punjabi heritage, with particular mention of the EFW project and its aims to encourage the public to volunteer as Citizen Historians.

More Highlights

Ajit Daily : Punjabi • 7 May 2016

Two British Sikhs receive award from Prime Minister David Cameron

The ‘World's No. 1 Punjabi Newspaper’ covers the award at 10 Downing Street by the Prime Minister.

Watford Observer • 15 October 2015

World War One's forgotten heroes to be commemorated

The touring version of the EFW exhibition made local news in north London when the Asian Centre in Wood Green hosted it. The story was carried with a smart summary of the exhibit by Matthew Smith.

Watford Observer • 21 April 2015

'They should not be forgotten' - Sikh man from Finchley runs marathon dressed as Indian solider

Anna Slater covers the story of Satnam Singh and local man Angad Singh running the Brighton Marathon dressed in authentic WW1 Indian Army uniforms to raise funds for the EFW project.

The Tribune • 11 November 2014

Prominent UK Sikh for truth commission

The paper’s London correspondent, Shyam Bhatia, leads his review of the EFW parliamentary reception to honour the fallen with the call by Lord Indarjit Singh for a truth and reconciliation commission, whilst also quoting UKPHA Chair, Amandeep Madra, who noted that EFW aims in part to ‘create a change in the collective memory of Britons to recognise, acknowledge and commemorate the role of India in the World War’.

Times of India • 8 October 2014

Indians who lorded over European skies in WWI

Military history buff, Manimugdha Sharma, tells the story of India’s pioneering flying aces, including the first ever - Hardit Singh Malik - with reference made to the EFW exhibition.

Des Pardes : Punjabi • August 2014

Exhibition on Sikh soldiers in London runs until 28 September

The largest circulation Punjabi newspaper in the UK highlights the EFW exhibition in a series of pieces including this one.

The Hindu • 4 August 2014

Lights to go out across UK to mark World War One centenary

Parvathi Menon writes on the UK’s centenary lights out events and makes specific mention of the EFW exhibition while discussing all the UK’s national commemorations.

Slough Observer • 1 August 2014

War effort of Sikh soldiers remembered

Gurmeet Samrai contributes a pieces in a local paper that announces the EFW project to its audience, which includes one of the largest Sikh populations in the UK.

Sunday Guardian • 27 July 2014

‘Empire, Faith & War: The Sikhs and World War One’ exhibition honours the largely forgotten role of the community during WWI

This Indian weekend paper covers the EFW exhibition in a pictorial piece featuring some of our iconic imagery.

The Indian Express • 18 July 2014

Front Runners

Vandana Kalra’s piece describes some of the EFW exhibition’s highlights including the untold stories of individual Sikh soldiers, and how with the public’s help the project will ensure that this forgotten aspect of wartime history is brought to the fore.

The Tribune • 17 July 2014

London exhibition commemorates Sikh soldiers’ role in WW-I

One of Punjab’s most widely read papers informs its readers of the launch of the EFW exhibition in London.

Times of India • 8 July 2014

Exhibition on WW1

India’s largest circulation English broadsheet makes mention of the EFW exhibition.

Eastern Eye • 4 July 2014

###Exhibition focuses on Sikh role in battles
Reena Kumar previews the EFW exhibition.

Eastern Eye • 28 February 2014

Asian soldiers’ role in first world war ‘part of British history’

Reena Kumar makes a splash with a two-page special on the growing interest in the role of the subcontinent in the First World War, highlighting EFW as one of the main projects looking to tell this crucial aspect of British history.

1914.org • 28 October 2013

‘Empire, Faith & War’ – major project on Sikhs and First World War gets go ahead

The Imperial War Museums’ First World War Centenary news and projects hub announces our project with this story.

The Tribune • 23 October 2013

UK body to highlight role played by Sikhs in WW-I

One of Indian Punjab’s most respected daily broadsheets informs its readers about the go-ahead of the EFW project and our desire to engage the public in telling this story.

Hindustan Times • 22 October 2013

Sikh organisation gets £450,000 to fund research

News of the EFW project was syndicated worldwide, in particular to India, where it the start of the three-year programme to research the lives of Sikhs during the Great War was announced.

Asian Express • 12 March 2013

Major Sikh project receives funding

Louise Healy reports on the EFW project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Eastern Eye • 8 February 2013

War and peace

UKPHA Chair Amandeep Madra explains why we have undertaken our project with a look back at the history and significance of the Sikh and Indian Army contribution to the Great War.

Centenary News • 3 February 2013

A report on the announcement to award UKPHA a development grant for the EFW project in acknowledgement of the Sikh and Indian Army contribution in the First World War.