Listen again to some excellent radio reports and discussions exploring the issues and personal stories highlighted by the ‘Empire, Faith & War’ (EFW) project.


Sarfraz Manzoor is joined by poet and critic, Cahal Dallat, award-winning writer and novelist, Louise Doughty, and author and journalist, Antonia Quirke, to discuss the EFW exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, which chronicles the role of Sikh soldiers in the First World War. This lively segment covers how, among other things, Indian soldiers made up one-in-six of the ranks of the British Empire forces, but their role has been largely forgotten until now.

The British institution that is Test Match Special featured an emotional message from a listener about the EFW exhibition and some startling facts about Sikhs at the battle of Ypres.

Clare Balding is joined by Amandeep Madra, UKPHA Chair, to discuss the themes and some of the stories behind EFW’s summer exhibition and ongoing project.

Sunny & Shay Grewal find out more about our exhibition and explore why there has been so little recognition of the Indian contribution with EFW Project Historian, Parmjit Singh, and collector of Sikh artefacts, Davinder Toor. The conversation becomes emotional when a 100-year-old postcard from a daughter to her serving Sikh father is read aloud.

Sheetal Parmar (standing in for Nihal) learns about the role of Sikhs and the Indian Army in the Great War with EFW Project Historian, Parmjit Singh, who brings the story to life with originals artefacts and fascinating facts.

David Friend’s report from the Houses of Parliament ‘Remembering the Sikh contribution to World War One’ reveals how we the EFW project this underlooked story to the heart of the old Empire at a very special Parliamentary reception.